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Camping Cabo de Ajo is 1500 m . of beaches and Antuerta Cuberris in Ajo. The villa is situated on the eastern coast of Cantabria to 36Km . Santander and 80 km from Bilbao. Highlights Cape Ajo like most northern point of Cantabria.

The main attraction of the area are its beautiful beaches, ideal for all types of water activities: surfing, windsurfing , fishing... but also include the Ria de Ajo, steep cliffs , the lighthouse Garlic or its vast green meadows.

Every tourist visiting Cantabria, must consider as unavoidable visits:

  • The Nature Park Cabárceno ( 30 km from Ajo ) a spectacular fauna along thousands of square meters in semi hosts hundreds of animals paradise.
  • Altamira Caves ( 40 km from Ajo ) in Santillana del Mar, are the most important and famous caves of the Paleolithic worldwide and which have been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Soplao Cave ( 70 km from Ajo ) is a cave 17 km long . It starts aboard a mine train , which introduces visitors under the mountain through mine galleries .
  • The Ojerada near the lighthouse of Cabo de Ajo. The action of the sea has created these large cavities in the rock. At high tide , the water pushed causes a characteristic sound called " snort "

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